Simplifying MultiCloud
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Convert Existing Single-Cloud Code

To support multiple clouds

Existing Code

Take any existing application written in any language. As long as it uses a cloud SDK*, you can support multiple clouds.

Deploy Sidecar

Run Cloud Sidecar next to your application. Configure it to handle the services you want with the proper credentials**

Update Your Application

Modify your application to connect to Cloud Sidecar instead of the cloud host. This should only be a few lines of code.


Community Enterprise
Supports Any Programming Language
AWS to GCP Conversion
File Storage - S3 to GCS [Tutorial]
File Storage - GCS to S3
Queue - SQS to Pubsub [Tutorial]
Streaming Data - Kinesis to Pubsub
Customizable Plugins and Middleware
Key Value - DynamoDB to Datastore or Bigtable
Big Data - Redshift to BigQuery
Big Data - Customizable Stored Procedure Style Plugins
Metrics Integration - StatsD and Datadog
Support Github Issues Email with less than 24 hour turn around
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Common Use Cases

Data Piplelines in Multiple Clouds

Your company has built various data pipelines processing customer data. Your team wrote software in Scala, Go, and Python that runs on EC2 instances and utilizes S3 AND SQS. Some clients do not want any of their data on Amazon products, and they are asking you to use GCP for data processing. The engineering team has estimated several months to rewrite all of the software to handle S3 and SQS for AWS and GCS and PubSub for GCP. Luckily, with Cloud Sidecar they do not have to rewrite all of their code. The engineering teams just change a few lines of code, deploy the Cloud Sidecar along with your applications, and everything just works.

Switch Clouds To Save Money

Your AWS bill is out of control. The CTO and CFO think switching to GCP will save money. However, the engineering cost is absurd. While your infrastructure is kubernetes and should be easy to migrate, you have polyglot microservices that would require a lot of work to migrate. Luckily, your team can save all of the work by simply deploying Cloud Sidecar next to your microservices.